Is expected a heatmap contour Mesh component for the new LBT?

Hallo dear @chris,

many thanks for the new Legend Parameter Categorized component, which solved my problem in making the client better recognize the results of the analysis, because as you can see in the first two images, in the result on the left, some range colors are practically impossible to read because the gradient strongly alters the colors of the final result.

I would ask if is planned in the future for the LBT version, a component that generate a smoothed contour of the grid Heat-map, like the below image on the right side?

Ladybug Legacy has in the Work In Progress folder, the Ladybug_ContourMesh, but sadly it never worked at its best when I tried to use it.

Sorry if I took the liberty of bothering you

Best regards

Hi @LaFleur ,

There is a good reason why the Ladybug_ContourMesh component was left in WIP. It relied on Rhino’s Mesh/Plane intersection functionality and, while Rhino SDK generally does an amazing job with intersection math, the Mesh/Plane intersection just wasn’t reliable enough to work for all cases. So I am not planning to implement the Ladybug_ContourMesh component in the LBT plugin (or I at least don’t plan to implement it in the same way as it was in Legacy). Maybe, if I can figure out a more reliable way to “smooth” or triangulate the boundary of quad mesh faces, I will implement something.

As an alternative possible solution, I would recommend the WeaverBird plugin for cases where you want to smooth over jagged edges of meshes. There are a number of smoothing algorithms in the plugin that might get the latest LBT mesh to look more like the Ladybug_ContourMesh when it produces the correct result.