Is it possible to control shading system based on DGP



Hello everyone,
I want to create a workflow to control shading system based on DGP(daylight glare probability). I know that Daysim can do this. But I check Honeybee, I think it can create an annual profile of DGP, but cannot be used for shading control. Am I right? Is it possible to use the DGP profile to control the shading system in Honeybee legacy?


I am following the same process for my shading system, and as far as I know the only shading control in HB is illuminance thresholds to change your states… I recommend you to check Energy Management System within Energyplus , because there are many more sensors that you can control your shading (if it is conventional like blinds) and then you can import it as additional string in HB and it worked for me somehow, although my case is different…
However the only glare metric that is supported by E+ at the moment is DGI not DGP… but if you can control you shading based on illuminance and view luminance within FOV, I think you can then find a relation to glare metrics,…


Thanks for your reply! EMS sounds a good idea. But I am working on this workflow by integrating daylight (by Daysim) with thermal simulation (by E+). So that is why I need to make it work with Daysim simulation in Honeybee.
But I also learned that EMS of E+ can also run Radiance simulation, this might solve the problem, i.e. integrating daylight with thermal simulation within E+. However, to be honest, I have never used EMS, and I don’t have any clue for how to do this. Can you give me some tips about how to make it?


Do you have any reference that EMS support radiance simulation? The only way that you can control shadings with EMS is daylighting control option which is partially implemented in HB as Windowproperty:ShadingControl… You can run daylighting simulation by EMS… you can just control predefined sensors which are also limited…
You can find EMS documentation in your Energyplus folder where it is installed… And its workflow is not that hard…


I am sorry that I remember wrong. EMS can run Lightswitch algorithm, rather than Radiance…