Is it possible to do a GIFof the sunpath and shade?


I am trying to use different ways to show the analysis done in grasshopper.I amwondering if I can do a GIF from the LB SunPath and the RhinoSun from LB as well. I would like to have ananimated gif of all the shades of the sorrounding buildings and the one I am projecting as well through all the year.

This would help very much to show the clients the interaction of the building in its urban and environmental context.

Daniel Aranda

Like this? (4)

I recommend using the LB Capture View component to take screenshots of a model as you animate a slider that determines both the date going into the LB SunPath and the file name of the .png file.

Then, you can upload all of the images you generate to a site like this one, which will create animated GIFs for you from a list of static images.


Image J is also a nice tool for generating GIF’s or MOV’s.

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I found this tutorial Interactive Shadow Study and animation in Ladybug Rhino 004 mp4 - YouTube
But I can only can do an automated set of 1 day. Didn´t found how to do a whole year (I can only automate one slide either day, month or year but not the 3 at the same time), but anyways I think is to much. So I did the Solstice and Equinox which I think is enough.

The only problem Is that I can´t make the “SunPath” appear in Rhino under rendered style, only in the artistic style and I think is not enough clean for a formal presentation.

6.- Solstice Rendered lowR|500x500

7.- Solstice Artistic LowR

this is awesome and something I wish I had become familiar with already!!

ESZSTLI SUISSE sin contexto.3dm (53.1 KB)
SUN PATH (497.4 KB)

I don´t know if is my Rhino version that doesn´t allow to use the sunpath in the “Rendered” style.

Hard to tell with a cracked version, I suppose.
It works fine here…


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finally doing this right now lol pretty excited