Is it possible to do daylight simulation for curved perforated panels?

I wanted to do an analysis on curved perforated façade panel. Can anyone let me know how can it be done? I have tried to do it with the standard procedure where I used the perforation geometry as glazing objects. But, it did not work. Can someone guide me on what can be done here?

Hi @nair_avinash, you need to provide more information for others to be able to help you! See here:

For starters:

  • what is the version of honeybee that you are using?
  • how did you prepare the model?
  • what is the error message?
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Hi @mostapha Thanks for your reply!

Initially, I got error in readAnnualResults panel that (tried to divide with zero).
Now, I don’t have any error when I decreased the number of perforations.
But, you can see in the image there is not pattern in the illuminance inside the room.

Please, find the attached gh file for checking.! I couldn’t attach the gh file because I am a new user Captu11re|690x441


Please, find the gh file for checking. Thank you!

For your screenshot, it looks like the Rhino model tolerance isn’t fine enough. I would try lowering the tolerance and recompute.

Nope, it’s not a tolerance issue I have tried changing the tolerances.
The analysis value results are all zero. So basically there is no illuminance inside the room.
Can you please check the file and let me know?
It would be really helpful! Thanks a lot!

Find the file here with different tolerances: