Is it possible to Run Daylight Simulation and Recolor Mesh with multiple levels?[solved]

I’m trying to daylight simulations on multiple floors simultaneously. However when I do this it seems like either only one mesh gets simulated or recolor mesh is only pulling in the data for one mesh. I can’t tell which.

Is it possible to run the simulation for several levels at once? Maybe there is another way of doing this, I’m still learning Honeybee after moving over from DIVA, any help would be much appreciated.

Here is how I am understanding the error, although I could be way off here:

  • I’m sending two meshes/testgrids to the simulation, we’ll call them A & B. A has V:311, F:284. B has V:311, F:315. Combined, this is 299 faces.
  • Once the simulation finishes, the results combine all of these faces into list of 299 values
  • Connecting the meshes over to Recolor mesh only results in mesh B being loaded.



Screenshot of floors:

Update - It works with Read Annual Result I, however the original error was happening with ReadAnnualResultsIII. If possible, I’d still like to know how to make it work with ReadAnnualResultsIII.

Here is the working definition and screenshot:

Annotation 2020-07-17 164312

The error was discussed many times. Look for the “number of results is not equal to the number of faces” and you’ll get them.