Is it possible to run multiple annual glare simulations for multiple views?

**I need to analyze glare for about 90 Rhino views, is it possible that I can run annual glare simulations for multiple views at the same time? **


Hi Rania,

If they are different views then you need to run them separately. Daysim renders a separate image for each view and then uses that to extrapolate the annual results.


Hi Mostapha,

I have some problems. I am also trying to run the annual DGP simulation with at list 4 different views (p0, p1, p2 and p3). these are defined correctly in rhino and locked as named views.

But when I added their names as a list to HB_DSParameters component and writ the rad file. it will generate the vf file which is not correct translation of my view locations and directions.

You mentioned that it is the limitation of Daysim and its way of calculation which will neglect my exact views. and I need to run them separately. But I think it is not the only problem.

Since there is a clear example of Annual DGP profile ( with different view points; it means we should be able to run DGP for multiple views.

There is also another issue in the way the vf file is generated. It is overwriting my view points. Please see the case I have attached the screenshots here. Could it be a problem with HB or Daysim itself will overwrite the points? (You will see in the figure T5.PNG that the lines 1 and 2 is exactly the same). And surprisingly when I have tried to change the one by one it will keep one view point always the same (Please see T6.PNG ). I don’t know what could be the reason?

Sorry for the long explanation. I would really appreciate any comment and hint. Thanks.

I need to add these pictures here. Thanks again.