Is it possible to simulate wind at atrium in Butterfly?


Hi Butterfly experts!
I am pretty new to Butterfly and try to teach myself.
I would like to analyze wind movement within atrium space in the middle of 6 story building that has open ground floor and partially open skylight structure. The wind should be prevailing wind at local. Can butterly analyze this kind of combination of indoor/outdoor condition too?
Thank you for enlightening me in advance!


The short answer is yes. @TheodorosGalanos should be able to share a sample file for a similar study with you.



Thank you for response!
Look forward to be shared a sample file by Theordors.
Thank you for your help again.


@maftokki wind flow in atrium is hard to simulate.Please upload some screenshot and your gh file for further discusstion. And the butterfly install package has one atrium airflow simulation example. (458.8 KB)


hi @maftokki

If you want to study window/openings configurations I suggest you model your case as an indoor case. It will be lighter and faster to mesh and compute.

If you want to see how the air behaves going through the building through the openings, considering exterior/urban context, I suggest you model your case as an outdoor case. You will need to have a gradual refinement towards the smallest details/opening.

If you want to simulate an indoor atrium with heattransfer +buoyancy you should model as the butterfly example. ( it uses buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam solver from OpenFoam, it’s makes an approximation for the buoyancy effects and simplifies the temperature distribution for small gradients of temperature <5 degrees.)

If you want to simulate an indoor atrium with heat transfer + real buoyancy with radiation, you should model as the butterfly example and run it outside butterfly on openfoam. ( I suggest you use buoyantSimpleFoam solver and add to it a radiation model, as the openfoam tutorial “hotRoom”, this will give you proper temperature distribution/stratificiation for cases where the change in temperature is >5deg).


Apologies for the late reply @maftokki been a bit out of it for a while.

I see that you got a lot of great advice from the rest of the people, any updates on what you were trying to do? I think the simple buoyancy recipe Butterfly uses is a good start, you should see if it gives you what you want first before going to the more complicated non boussinesq solvers in OF.

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