Is there a way to model VRF terminal units connected directly to a DOAS loop?


I wanted to ask if there is a way to connect VRF terminal units to DOAS air loops. I have a model that integrates a vrf system to serve the DOAS independently from the regular VRF system for air conditioning. I saw this E+ 9.3.0: Allow ZoneHVAC:TerminalUnit:VariableRefrigerantFlow to connect to AirLoopHVAC · Issue #3905 · NREL/OpenStudio · GitHub but I´m not sure if it is implemented already.

Thanks in advance.


In current OpenStudio 3.1, it does not support adding VRF terminal to air loops, but there is a pre-release 3.2 that includes this updates.

You can download following Ironbug update that works with this OpenStduio 3.2, and you are able to add VRF terminal to airloop supply side.

Note: Both Honeybee and Ironbug haven’t been really tested with OpenStudio 3.2, there is no guarantee that everything would work nicely together, but please keep us updated. (1012.1 KB)


Thank you @MingboPeng!

I´m giving it a try ASAP. I´ll keep you posted.

All the best

Hi again @MingboPeng,

I am setting up my model. As well as vrf´s connected to the doas, there is a very strange arragement of airloops which does not correspond with the connection of indoor and outdoor units of the vrf system for cooling. The simulation seems to run without major issues after installing the prerelease of OS 3.2, but I am getting a large negative consumption for cooling. Would you have any idea of the source of the problem?

thanks again. I´m attaching my grasshopper file.
gh file