Is there a way to permanently add materials to the EP Library?

Maybe that’s a very basic question, but is there a way to permanently add materials to the EP Library?
I’m working with a file where, every time I open it, I have to recompute a couple of times to get the materials loaded.


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@thomas.wortmann ,

Yes. If you navigate to your Ladybug default folder (typically C:\ladybug but it can also be C:\Users\UERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug), you will see a file called userCustomEPLibrary.idf:

If you open that file in a text editor and copy any of the text describing an EnergyPlus material into that file, you will see that Honeybee will load up those materials into your library when it starts up:

Then, you can use those materials or constructions in your Grasshopper definitions simply by referring to them by name. We may come up with some easier ways to do this for Honeybee[+] but this is the workflow right now.


Just to add my cent. In order to be consistent, if you add a construction to the idf file be sure to add also the materials (unless they are already in the file). Otherwise the use of such a construction definition will fail.


I have a problem with the materials library. I’ve created some materials, added to library and after opening the program again, it’s all gone…
My version of HB+LB is 00.68, 00.65 from January 2020.
The “userCustomEPLibrary.idf” file is in C:/ladybug/ it is empty…

How to add materials and constructions permanently to EP Library?

Up ! Is there a better way ?

I’m encountering the same problem…
Building up the custom material library with addToEPLibrary.
When close and reopen, no more custom mats nor constructions…

Thanks !