Is there a way to visualise a colored mesh issued from Rhino3D in a 3D environment like Google Earth?

I have a coloured mesh showing analysis results on a grid on building surfaces. I would like to visualise this mesh, if possible with transparency, overlapped on a 3D textured model of the city, like in Google Earth.

Each cell of the mesh would have a different colour, like the attached one. I tried with GHowl or Ladybug_KMZ Generator but nothing is displayed in Google Earth. If I try to export just one building I get a Solution Exception: index out of range.

colored (1.36 MB)

Hi Pietro,

Ladybug recently got a nice component which exports Rhino data to Google Earth. It’s called “Kmz Generator”. If you do not have it, run the “Update Ladybug” component to automatically download it. It should be located in the “WIP” tab.
Here is a preview of the component:

You can get more info about it from its author.

Hi djordje,

Thanks for your reply and your kind words!

Hi Pietro,

I have took a look at your file, and I think it is possible to export colored meshes like yours to Google Earth. Give me a couple of days and I come back to you with a clear solution.

Example with two buildings (Ladybug_KMZ + Vicente Soler’s script)

Thanks for your test, the error you see is because I’m using a method that projects buildings on the terrain by using their centroids, thus if a building or a geometry is outside the terrain area the component doesn’t find projected point onto terrain, I should add a warning for that.
However, I think that the main question is that you should translate data from “vertex colors” into “textures”, and this is something you can do neither with LB_Kmz nor GHowl. here you can find a clever solution made by Vicente Soler:

In the meantime I suggest you try to arrange meshes and export one or two building at a time because Google Earth crashes if you export all your geometries at once.


Hi Pietro,

I have written a new LB component which is based on Vicente’s scripts, and I think is quite useful if you want to export your LB meshes.
Here’s a simple example of terrain analysis:

Texturing and Baking.

From Rhino to Google Earth by using Kmz Generator.

You can also export your Rhino model (+ material) as *.obj.

In addiction, this component works well with “radiationMesh” and other type of meshes that come from LB analysis components.



Great addition to the terrain components Antonello!!

Dear Antonello,

thanks a lot for your effor! Looks like exactly what I need! Where can I find this new component you made? Because I searched on Mostapha’s Ladybug Github but I couldn’t find it.

BTW, can you attach also your GH definitions?

Thanks again.


Hi Pietro,

The component is under development, you can find this temporary version in the WIP tab of LB.

Here’s the example where the component is used with meshes like yours. You need “Human” plugin to use this definition.

You should have this output:

Antonello (750 KB)

Thank you very much this is amazing!