Is there an ideal workflow for optimizing the placement of PV panels?


I’m fairly new in PV panel design and I’m wondering if it is possible to optimize the placement of PVs using HB/LB. If this isn’t possible using HB/LB can anyone recommend another plug-in. I’ve tried Archisim but I wasn’t able to get any results out of the PV simulation component for some reason.


Hi Rania,

We don’t have a component to calculate PVs but if you are looking to get radiation values for different orientations and different angles then check out Radiation Callalily.

If you are looking for other options then PVWATTS (


Thanks Mostapha, I’ll check the Radiation Callalilly when I go back home tonight . I took a quick look at it online and I’m not sure how to read the results, but haven’t tried it myself yet. I’ll try it tonight and try to figure out how it works and how to read the results, and hopefully it can serve the purpose of the project I have in mind. Thanks again.