Is there any way to stuck grasshopper window during openfoam running?

:grinning: I’m trying to use the optimizer(Octopus, opossum) to solve some optimization problems. When I ran Ladybug component such as UTCI calculation, the window will be stuck until the calculation done, so the optimizer can get result.

However when I use eddy3d, when I start running the wind simulation, the components in the Grasshopper Canvas are still available to be edited. So in that case, the calculation isn’t finished, and the solver got a result as “null”.

This has been bothering me for a long time, humbly ask for your advice,

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*This problem is also troubling me. Do you know how to solve it?@chris

Sorry for the very late response here. The Ladybug Tools components are all designed to run simulations like this where they will preserve the Grasshopper logic of waiting for each component to finish before running the next component.

If you want to run simulations asynchronously, the free Pollination Grasshopper Plugin has components that let you do this, both for local simulation and for cloud simulations. They will run the simulation in the background while you are still editing other things on your canvas. And the Pollination Grasshopper plugin can run all of the same recipes that you can run with Ladybug Tools.