Is this rubbish?


The origin of this component was the new Indian National Building Code 2016. It had a new section on solid waste management. So I wrote this in the spirit of that section to quickly understand the quantum of waste generated under code for different building types and populations.

The following inputs are required (defaults have been set):

  1. Population (default set to 1)
  2. Solid Waste generated per user per day (default set to 0.6kg/p/d)
  3. Organic Waste (or Wet Waste) % (default set to 40%)
  4. Waste Density (default set to 400kg/m3)

The outputs calculate the total waste per day plus both its organic and inorganic components.

For the readMe! output I’ve used python to format the text so I can simply right click on the panel and select ‘Copy Data Only’ form the menu. Thus I can simply copy and paste formatted text into a report or email.

Solid Waste Management.ghuser (5.8 KB)


This is total rubbish :slight_smile:
It is a good adition and totally in accord with latest codes and regulation. I will try to find some time to test this in the coming days.
Thank you very much for this.

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Hahaha! I had to read this post twice to get the joke :slight_smile:
Thanks for the component @seanmoo and I’ll try to take a look soon.


It’s my Irish sense of humor coming out I guess :):crazy_face: cheers Chris!