Issue: All of your HBSrfs must make a closed volume

Hi guys! I seen similar post into the forum, but I couldn’t solve my problem!
I’m trying to build an HBZone that consider all the building, in order to subdivide it when the project will be finish.
Does anyone could help me?
Thank yuo so much!
Here the 3dm file:
3D (703.9 KB)

Hi @lockblaise,
Your geometry is not internalized in the GH file. So hard to understand how you want to define your thermal zones. I would also recommend you check Chris’s Energy modelling tutorial series on Youtube to get an idea on how to create zones for energy simulation.

Hi @devang,

really glad for your answer! I’ve worked a lot on my file, in order to increase datas and run the simulation: i’ve got it!
But when i tried to add EP materials, after glazed subdivision by ratio, grasshopper give me an error like this “1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘name’”.
I’m trying to solve it, do you know which kind of problem could be?
Thanks a lot,
best regards,


Hi @lockblaise, If you share a screenshot with the full error message and/or your file there is a much better chance that people can help you with your question.

Hi @mostapha ,
Thank you so much for your interest!
Here’s the file: i’ve changed some breps source and the error become "… object has no attribute ‘coordinates’.
Waiting for your hints!
Best regards,
Luca3D Nizza - Analisi energetica - (941.7 KB)

Little up!
I’ve seen this post in the older forum:
This one helped me to probably solve the issue, but it remain the previuosly one about “1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘name’”.
Here the newer file: 3D Nizza - Analisi energetica - Prova (codice nuovo).gh (940.4 KB)


I took a look at your file and the model needs a lot of work.

  1. Get the adjacencies right. Please use “Solve Adjacencies” as a search key phrase to look up this forum. You’ll find a lot of discussion regarding this issue.
  2. Read the message in the “out” output of glazing ration component. You might need to simplify your geometry to make such errors disappear.
  3. Having one floor as one thermal zone is not good. You should either zone the floor as per envisaged use of that floor or at least split the floor into core and perimeter zones.
  4. You might also need to address the non-convex errors. To address them look for “non-convex” tag on this forum.

Hi @devang ,
I know, i have to work on a lot!
I’m going to follow your hints, hoping to have results!
I’ll share something to adjourn you!