Issue DF Simulation with HB+


Dear community, dear sir Roudsari, sir Mackey and sir Devang,

I have simulated a DF with the Honeybee Legacy components,
up to here everything is fine, (see the image).

For the same project, I also wanted to comparison and learn the DF analysis with the HB+ components, but I always come to have a result that is not congruous with reality and/or the simulation through HB Legacy (the simulated surfaces have a DF 0%).
Can you let me know where I’m wrong?

I used the example file “Daylight_Factor_gridbased” from GitHub as a base.

I Attached the GH File: (1.4 MB)

Thanks in advance


hi @gaetano.christian.ruvio

I’ve opened your file and I see that some components are not updated to the latest HB+ version.

Please update the installation, the components and let us know.


Thanks for the answer Olivier,
but it should also work with the previous Version.
Work with the example file out from GitHub, but not with my Geometries.

  1. Nice color-set.
  2. I second @OlivierDambron’s suggestion. Update to the latest version and try again.