Issue getting Daylight Factor to work Honeybee v1.2.0

I am new to rhino and honeybee, but have watched the ‘#2 Parametric Daylight Modelling with Honeybee’ on Vimeo, which I purchased in March this year but are no longer available? I them found on YouTube a good video called ‘Annual Daylight Analysis with Honeybee v1.1.0 in Grasshopper (Basic)’ which was also helpful and directed me to the example files on GitHub by Chris Mackey which were also of great help, but I am still having problems in getting my daylight factor analysis to run? As I am a new user I cannot attach my Rhino 7 and Grasshopper files. The DaylighFactor 1.2.0 recipe has the following warning: 1. Solution exception: Failed to import lbt_recipes: No module named lbt_recipes.recipe. Please could someone provide advice or direct me where further training in the current version of Honeybee is available. Thanks in advance

Your error seems to be more related to a faulty installation that a specific DF issue. You can search for the error on the forum .
There are not tutorials yet, but the installation file you downloaded from food4rhino has a samples directory with many example files. One of the relates to DF.