Issue in running DC image based simulation


I’m having trouble running a DC image based simulation with HB+ 0.0.6. The simulation is giving me some bad file size hrd files for sun values only. After some investigation, I found the following error message given if I ran the batch file manually.

Then I looked into the dc\isun folder, there are only 2045 hdr files in total in the folder with number 0000 to 2044.

@mostapha any clue on this issue? Thanks for your help.


A further investigation is showing the 2044_xx.hdr was created with 0 bytes. This may be where the rcontrib failed but it is not giving any warning, which making is difficult to troubleshoot.

@MingboPeng do you have any thought on this?

Trying to investigate this and found the rcontrib cannot handle more than 2044 modifier at a time and for the location I used I got 4435 modifier in the analemma.mod file. Not sure if this is something related to windows system or rcontrib itself but wonder if anyone else is experiencing similar issue with DC image based simulation and is there a workaround of it?

Hi @Bing,

I am not sure what’s happening here. Have you tried the new Radiance 5.3 official release?

cc @sarith

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have tried the 5.3 radiance release and it has the same issue.

My investigation is pointing me to a open file limit in windows. ( FYI I’m running this on a 64bit windows 10.

@MingboPeng I actually did see this post, but I have no idea how things work in the new HB[+]/HB because I saw Chris mentioning somewhere that now things are being handled through subprocess. Is a batch file still getting written out for Radiance recipes? If yes, then I can look into it and suggest something.

Hi @sarith I attached a commands.bat file created from the HB+ DC image based simulation. commands.bat (5.1 KB)

Hi @Bing, can you share the files as well? I will try to recreate the issue on my system.


Thanks @sarith. See here. (711.0 KB)

FYI I include the gh script as well as a weather file, and remove the result files and some sky files to reduce the zip file size.

@sarith ,
The honeybee[+] category that this post is under is exclusively for the version of the plugin and core libraries that you are most familiar with. If the topic were for the new LBT plugin that has a different way of executing recipes in parallel (using subprocess and queenbee-luigi), it should have the grasshopper honeybee tag. I hope that clarifies things.

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