Issue Wind roses from multiple weather files

Hello everyone,

I had encountered an issue trying to automate the creation of wind roses from different weather files, the scale of the graphs is increasing on every iteration! (check image)

Also, it’s a possibility to get the output from (windRoseCrvs, legend, title) on a data tree structure, to be able to manipulate the data afterwards. I’ve tried splitting the list afterwards but the title output have different list lengths, because the amount of letters on the legend.

Thanks !

I don’t believe this is an issue. It is a coincidence. If you try again your first location you’ll get the same size as the first time and not an enlarged one (following your fears here).
The size of the of the rose changes according to the frequency of the winds on the location. You can see this also at the bottom line of the legend (Each closed polyline …).

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Thank You for the fast response!

It wasn’t clear for me that the text also scalates with the wind rose. Limiting the frequency fix my issue.


In such case i suggest to limiting it in the highest range of all cases. Otherwise, if i’m correct, the polygons will show outside the circles.

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