Issue with daylight factor results, urgent


I will try again as this is quite urget.

I have managed to make a script for Daylight factor that gives me credible results. However, as I close the program and reopen it, the data changes and the Daylight factor drops dramatically. It seems like the general scene looses light as even exposed “air walls” are affected by this.

Any ideas on why this happens?
(unable to post script or images due to being a new member).

Thank you!

Was finaly allowed to upload images!

It would be great if you could share the gh defenation

Is there a way I can share it without uploading it? It wont let me upload

you can use your google drive link

kindly provide access

Sorry bout that. Should work now!

I’ve had this issue a fair few times. It’s like the result is 1/100th of what it should be. No standard fix from my experience, would love to hear if you find one!
I generally rebuild and simplify the geometry, and update the ladybug canvas - sometimes fixes it.

Turns out I had to update my honeybee version to the newest version. With the newer components the problem vanished! I still don´t know what it was that caused it in the first place but now it works like a charm.