Issue with DOAS Radiant Systems Simulation in LBT 1.8


After updating to LBT 1.8, I encounter a simulation cancellation error when running DOAS radiant systems. The error message is:

“Solution exception: Failed to run OpenStudio CLI: SWIG director method error. ArgumentError: unknown keywords: :radiant_type, :minimum_operation, :weekend_temperature_reset, :early_reset_out_arg”

These issues were not present in LBT 1.7. Attached is the simplified file for reference. Any suggestions to resolve this would be appreciated. (48.2 KB)

Thank you!

Hi @HamidrezaSh ,

I apologize for the very late response here. I can recreate the issue on my end and I am fairly confident that you have found a bug that must have been introduced because of changes NREL made to OpenStudio standards in OpenStudio version 3.7. Give me until the end of today and I should hopefully have a fix together.

For future reference, you can always use the LB Versioner component to go back to an older version of the software if this is blocking you. For example, I’m pretty confident that this bug was not in LBT Grasshopper 1.7, which used OpenStudio 3.6. So you could plug 1.7.0 into the LB Versioner component to go back to that old version of the software if this bug was blocking you.

In the meantime, thank you for reporting and I should hopefully have a fix soon.

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Hi @HamidrezaSh ,

I was able to implement a fix that has gotten the simulation to run:

You can get the fix now by running the LB Versioner component with nothing connected to the version_.

At a glance, the results are looking pretty reasonable to me. The EUI for a simple office is lower than the equivalent system with FCUs and the radiant metal panel performs a bit better than the default radiant slab: (70.0 KB)

Furthermore, there are few, if any, unmet hours.

I think there might have been a lot of improvements to the radiant system controls in EnergyPlus that have enabled me to remove some of the workarounds that we were using previously in OpenStudio Standards. I’ll check with Matt Dalhausen, who maintains OpenStudio Standards, to be sure. But I think this should be good enough to unblock you for now.

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Hi @chris

Thanks so much for the quick fix, it works nicely :slightly_smiling_face: