Issue with Energy plus components in Ladybug and Rhino inside Revit 1.6

Hello all, this bug has been happening for a while apparently but it still hasn’t been resolved in Rhino Inside Revit 1.15.8522.
None of the energy plus components can be used with Revit at the monent. I know about the set_python_path.bat that could fix the problem but it didn’t help me. I tried to reinstall Ladybug 1.6 from Revit directly but also no luck there.


  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import ladybug:
    No module named _sqlite3

Hi @Alakelele
Maybe it is something wrong about running enviroment on you computer.You can use ladybug 1.6.0 only in grasshoppper to chech the componet. Then you connect rhino and revit for next simulation.

I know, but this bug has existed with Rhino inside Revit for a while now and it seems to come back when updates of Rhino inside Revit are installed. I will have to ask my it department for help.
Anybody tried ladybug 1.6 with Revit and has the same issue ?

Uninstall and reinstall from Revit didn’t solve the problem

There is no traction on this post, I tried to tell the folks at Rhino inside Revit about it, they are definitely more responsive. Issue Energy plus components Ladybug 1.6 and Rhino i Revit 1.5 - #7 by thomas.lagarde - Revit - McNeel Forum