Issue with export to Openstudio

I have made a test EnergyPlus glass material and am trying to run the export to OpenStudio component but I get the following error: -
Severe WindowMaterial:Glazing=“TESTGLASS” has Optical Data Type = Spectral but has no matching MaterialProperty:GlazingSpectralData set. Is there any way to rectify this within Honeybee? So far the only way I have been able to run the simulation is within OpenStudio, by opening OpenStudio and changing the Optical Data Type of “TESTWINDOW” from “Spectral” to “SpectralAverage”. The .gh file is attached.


Openstudio (522 KB)

This is a bug in the OpenStudio API. Honeybee assigns the values correctly but it gets overwritten by OpenStudio. I fixed it in your example file and will make sure to fix it for the updates version. Cheers. (522 KB)

I just checked the most recent version and it’s already fixed by Chris.