Issue with Honeybee_Export to OpenStudio component

Am I correct to speculate that this issue has something to do with connectivity to GitHub?
If so, is it possible to carry-out analysis without an interaction with GitHub? (this seems to be a consistent issue across our firm)

Thank you!

working with this example from Hydra,21.01624618694396

This doesn’t have to do with GitHub! I’m not sure what you even mean with connectivity to GitHub.

What version of OpenStudio are you using?

OpenStudio version 2.6
EnergyPlus analysis seems to be functioning okay. Also tested to check if there is an issue with the weather file.
Thank you!

Can you try 2.5?

From release notes:

just installed OpenStudio 2.5 and am getting these two errors.

The bundled OS2.5 installer deposits EnergyPlus and Radiance folders inside the Open Studio folder. Is that okay? LB+HB installation notes say that Radiance should be placed at C:\Radiance.

@mpekurov ,
It looks like you tried to run this component at the exact instance that they were doing some maintenance on the github server. Try running it again now to see if it works.

Mostapha’s advise to about OpenStudio2.5 helped address my original question, however somehow it triggered this new issue.
Checked again several minutes ago and the issue persists with ‘Honeybee_Honeybee’ and ‘UpdateHoneybee’. ‘Ladybug_Ladybug’ and ‘UpdateLadybug’ are performing okay.

Thanks again for all the help!

Actually, I just figured it out:) The instance of OpenStudio2.5 that is recommended per installation instructions is missing several items that HoneyBee_HoneyBee is looking for in the directory C:\openstudio-2.5.0\EnergyPlus.
I deleted whatever OS 2.5 installer deposited in that directory and installed EnergyPlus 8.9 into that folder.
(relieved to learn that access to GitHub is not an issue:)

@mpekurov ,
That makes sense. Honeybee_Honeybee first tries to check if you have the files downloaded before it actually sends a call to github. So you probably got them partly downloaded such that the files were corrupt. Deleting them triggers Honeybee_Honeybee to re-download them the next time that it runs on the canvass.