Issue with School Building Programs

Hi all,

I’m trying to simulate a mixed-used building which includes a fitness facility, for which I was planning to use the “Gym” program from Secondary School with some template modifications (as suggested here).

However I’m having issues when assigning the program to my rooms and get the following message for anything related to Primary and Secondary School programs:

“1. Solution exception:ScheduleRule start_date must come before end_date. 01 Sep comes after 01 Sep.”

I’m using the latest release of LBT. Has anyone experienced anything similar?


Hi @chris , @mostapha . Would you have any clues on this?
Thanks in advance for your help and apologies for pestering.

Hi @ines.idpe ,

This seems like a bug. I’ll investigate soon. And thanks for reporting this.

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Hi @ines.idpe ,

Sorry that it took me a while to get around to checking this. I have not been able to recreate the issue on my end:

… and I can’t find any school schedules in honeybee-energy-standards with the condition that you describe (where the start date and end date are the same). The error is coming from this part of the code where I am enforcing that the end date of any seasonal schedule period be after the start date. This is intentional since OpenStudio cannot accept such schedules where the start date and end date are the same.

Are you creating these schedules yourself? If not, can you upload a Grasshopper file that recreates the issue?

Hi @chris ,

Thanks for taking the time to look into this and sorry for my late reply.

I’m using the schedules that come with Honeybee for School (both primary and secondary) and that’s where I get the error. I ended up recreating the schedule I needed manually (gym, slightly modified for use during the weekends too) to make it work.

I’ve now reopened the file to review the issue again and I don’t get a problem with the Gym schedule anymore but I do get the schedule error when I plug the School program directly… Such a mystery!


Ah, thank you for clarifying, @ines.idpe . Now I understand. The individual room programs don’t have this type of situation but, when they are blended together to represent a mix for the entire building, then this case of having the same start and end date arises. From my tests, I can see that this situation actually seems to be acceptable according to EnergyPlus and OpenStudio so I just removed this check:

… and now you can apply the blended PrimarySchool program without issues:

Success!!! Thanks again @chris