Issue with the Ladybug´s CountourMesh component

Hallo Everyone,

I have one question about one component of Ladybug.

I need to simulate a sunlight hours analysis over faces of buildings, but when a try to generate the contour mesh (Even just a facade) appears this error “The connected inputMesh is not planar and this component only works for planar meshes”

Is there a way to fix this problem?

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This component works with planar meshes only. Since you are interested in looking at sunlight hours on one Facade only. Only provide that facade as a surface in _geometry input and it should work.

Sample (406 KB)

Hi Sonny Weaver,

Sure, a facade surface can be supplied quite similarly. Please find revised sample. Hope it helps. (406 KB)

Dear mr Chauhan,

I attached a simplified version of my work.

I can not find the solution with his method (which in his example works).

I hope you can solve the problem by taking a look at the files.

Many Thanks

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Test Version.3dm (817 KB)
Ladybug Test Version (420 KB)

TestVersion.3dm (700 KB) (500 KB)

Thanks for his precious help mr. Devang.

Best regards