Issue with the LB_RealTimeRadiationAnalysis results

Hi guys,
I’ve been trying to fetch hourly results from the LB_Real Time Radiation Analysis component, but it seems that the radiation hours have slit behind, in comparison to the .epw file data.
Obviously, in the .epw file, the radiation starts on the first day of the year, at around 8-9 am, but in the end-result after running the analysis (combining Radiation Analysis with the Real Time Radiation Analysis for a whole year) the first non-null value in that day is at the 17th hour (pretty odd) and it goes on like this.
I attached a panel to the LB_GenCumulativeSkyMtx, and it says :
*genDayMtx returns null Values for few hours. The study will run anyways. Make sure that you are using an standard epw file. The failed hours are listed below in [Month/Day @ Hour] format.
1/1 @ 0.5
0 1 0
1/1 @ 1.5
0 2 0

…and so on.
Does anybody have any clue why is this happening and how can I fix it ? (other than copy it in an excel and delete some rows)
Thanks in advance,

Hi @glaukelshani ,

There is some conversion that happens when going from EPW data, which starts at 1:00 on January 1 and Wea data, which starts at 0:30 so perhaps that’s what you are experiencing. Can you try using the new LBT Ladybug that was released yesterday?

You will see that the new Ladybug Plugin has full support for real-time radiation and thigs will generally be much easier to debug in the new plugin.

Hi @chris ,
I just installed the new LBT following the pretty simple installation instructions but I cannot use any of those components cause they all turn red as soon as I put them on gh-canvas (also tried some of Honeybee and Dragonfly components, almost all turn red). The error is always - at least for the components I checked - “Failed to import ladybug” ; “Failed to import ladybug_geometry” ; “Failed to import honeybee” , followed by “No module named …”

my bad, I DIDN’T close gh and Rhino before running set_python_path.bat. That must have caused the problem. I’m excited to try the new tools later after work :smiley:

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