Issues about "Failed to find Exterior Wall in libraries" and Orientation Study

Hey Chris, Mostapha and Abraham,

First, have to say this plug-in is awesome, which is very addicted me to learn and apply it in the projects. And thanks a lot for your helps!

I got 2 issues so far:

  1. Honeybee_“Failed to find Exterior Wall in libraries”, I have tried to put the component back, it didn’t work, and I tried this definition on other guys computer, it turned red and said “too many value to unpack”…

2. Ladybug_when I am running orientation study for Radiance/View/daylight hours Analysis components, it turns red. but I find out a new Radiance Analysis component which can work. (View/daylight hours Analysis components are still not working)

Many thanks for your time to look after all these dumb issues.

Sean (486 KB) (686 KB)

Hi Sean,

Sorry I cant work out why your file isn’t working I’ll Mostapha or Chris to reply to you they should be able to work this out.

Hi Sean!

Sorry for the late reply.

In case of EnergyPlus simulation, I updated the components and tested your file and it works with no issues.

Same goes to the Ladybug file. If you update the components it will work fine.

I’m attaching working version of both files.