Issues related to installing Open Studio for Rhino 07

I have installed the latest version of Ladybug and Honeybee for Rhino 07. I have unblocked all the files before installing and have followed the installation instructions. However, I am still getting this error (attached is the image).
I have tried resolving this issue using the below given links but nothing so far has worked. Can someone please help me to resolve this issue?


i would suggest you to install Open Studio 2.9 , if you’re using legacy version.

Thank you for your reply.
I have installed Open Studio 2.9 and am still getting the same error

Hello @medha.ssaa As per your screenshot you are still using older version of ladybug legacy tools. You update and restart your grasshopper.Captures

Hello @Asisnath thank you for your reply. You are absolutely right. I just checked that I have both older and newer versions installed and was getting this error for the older components.
Thank you for pointing it out!