Issues with Creating Actual Meteorologic Year

Hi all,

I used the script for creating the EPW file (,-138.46641875995493).

It seems like the solar radiation values are empty. Is anybody experienced the same? Any suggestion?

The files I am using are in the following folder.


Hi @aylin_ozkan,

Sorry for the late response. The example on hydra has gotten a little out of date but I just updated it and this latest version has the radiation values as expected. The Grasshopper script requires the latest version of the ladybug tools core libraries, which you can get by running the Hoenybee[+] updater.

Hi Chris,
I’ve discovered that solar radiation values, as produced using the WEA component do not generate for any leap years (2020, 2016, 2012, etc), at least this is the case for Australian locations. Presumably this is due to removing February 29th having some affect on the WEA component.
I have updated the components to the latest 1.2.0 version, but it has had no effect on the results.
Could you please take a look at this if possible?

@chris, if it helps, I’ve realised that the component was previously able to create solar radiation values for leap years in the earlier component in the 0.1.1 version, where the .txt NOAA format was used. However, the now current .csv NOAA format returns only empty parameters for solar radiation for leap years.