Issues with non-Unicode characters in Radiance Simulation

@chris I keep having problems with the PIT tool, I’ve verified my entries with what you show above and I have it ok. But when I run it, I get the image problem, which happens in PIT and ANN, I don’t know what this problem refers to.
I would greatly appreciate your help.

Hey @claudia.gomez ,

I moved your post to a new topic since it clearly has something to do with some special non-unicode characters that you are using in your object names or your file paths. Generally speaking, we try to support all non-ASCII characters in the names of honeybee objects so, if you upload a Model or a .gh file that recreates the issue, I see if we can fix it.

Since it is spanish i would recommend avoiding the use of “tildes” and/or “enies” in the path and/or names of models.


Thank you both very much, it was indeed a problem with the accentuation of a letter as @AbrahamYezioro said. I have already changed it, but it still gives me an error, a different one, but I don’t know what it could be. Thank you very much.
So there is my files.
TE_08Abril.3dm (1.4 MB) (558.9 KB)

Hi @claudia.gomez ,

It’s a little difficult to understand what you are trying to do with your attached file. You have two models, neither of which has a ceiling and you also are using an offset distance of 0 for your sensor grids but including the base geometry used to generate the grid, which means this base geometry could block the sensors. And you also plugged annual Radiance Parameters into a PIT-grid simulation, which will cause a failure.

In any event, I got rid if something that runs and I was not able to recreate the original error that you had above. (551.8 KB)

OMG @chris it works! I can already see the colors in the interior space. I’m going to check well what you moved, but thank you very much for the help. Hopefully I won’t have any more problems.