Issues with "Run OSM" and ScheduleFixedInterval (like in Ironbug workflows)

if there is FixedInterval schedules in HB Model, ironbug gives the error. My model for example, I have a 2-states shading with FixedInterval schedule, in the new osm model created by Ironbug, this csv file is not introduced.

  1. ** Severe ** [Schedule:File][FixedIntervalSchedule_5af1843a] - Missing required property ‘file_name’.

Just use the workaround that I posted, then, of editing that one line in the Model To OSM component. It looks like the way IronBug/OpenStudio SDK imports the OSM it gets rid of all dependencies on external files like CVS schedules.

Hi, just letting know that I get the same error:

I am trying to run an energy simulation with a lot of custom-defined schedules. All the schedules created with the HB Fixed Interval Schedule are causing the following error in the HB Run OSM component:

If I replace the FixedIntervalSchedules with other types of schedules the problem disappears. However, I would like to use FixedIntervalSchedules.
Here a screenshot of how I create my schedules:

And this is my simulation file Demand Simulation (776.3 KB)

Editing the line in the Model To OSM components seems to resove the issue for now.

Thanks for clarifying this, @Josien . This wasn’t really related to the other topic this was originally posted on so I moved it here. I just pushed a fix to the “Run OSM” component, which makes sure that the file-based schedules are included in the simulation process:

You can get the fix with the “LB Versioner”. With the new “Run OSM” component, you shouldn’t have any issues with using ScheduleFixedInterval in your workflows.