Iterate Simulation Output

Hello all,

I’ve made considerable progress in my own skills using Radiance, Ladybug, and Honeybee. Today, I ran into a what I thought would be a simple problem, automatically iterate multiple simulations using the same 3D geometry.

In short, I have a simple small rendering of a space, with a wall, floor, and a set of lamps. The lamps emit intensity with a preset intensity, and the floor and walls have a range of potential values for reflectivity and absorbance. I’d like to create a grasshopper program that iterates Radiance simulations through a pre-generated excel spreadsheet filled with many possible combinations of floor and wall reflective parameters. Most of the material available for Grasshopper iteration focuses on iterative construction on geometry, not iterating parameters for a single geometry.

Would someone have the ability to point me to an example of iterating parameters through a single geometry?

Many thanks, and I think I’m at a point where my skill set can start helping others on this forum, so looking forward to that too!

I think this may be the droid you are looking for:

the get:

Here’s a couple videos:

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Hi Trevor,

I tried to get Colibri to work on Rhino 6, but Colibri does not seem to have a release on this version. My application uses some custom code to render plant canopies specific to Rhino 6, so I cannot revert to the older version. Would you have an alternative idea compatible with Rhino 6?

I understand food4rhino says Rhino 4&5 but I am using it in both Rhino 6 and 7 so I’m not sure what the problem you are having is.

I found help on this online forum:

Apparently, Windows blocks this plug-in from working and I had to manually set the plug-in to “unblock”.


Forum: Anemone | Page 3 | Food4Rhino

Hi Max /

Note that that behavior isn’t limited to that plug-in. You need to unblock every plug-in / program that you download.

Huh, this is one of those “really good to know” things. Thank you.