Iteratively saving every glareCheckImage hdr file for multiple runs

Hello Everyone,

I’m running a sort of optimization for glare using Honeybee_Glare Analysis. I used Colibri/ Design Explorer to iterate over parameters and record all DGP results.

I would like to save every hdr image generated for each new solution while Colibri is iterating over all the parameter combinations. Any idea how this can be done?

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Colibri itself has an option to save images. Check it.


Yes, sure but it saves images rather screenshots based on the Rhino viewport.


You want to save the HDR itself.
What i would do is change the name of each case as a function of the parameters you run. Then you can get all HDRs. Though, they will be located in different folders.


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Yes exactly, I wanted to save the HDR files itself.
True, makes sense what you suggested. I tried that, it works. Its just there gonna be hundreds of folders and then I have to collect the hdr image from each manually :grimacing:


If you code a bit, you can move the files automatically to a desired location, while running each case.

Like so (see attached).
-A. (8.9 KB)


Thank you for this Abraham.
I tried using your script and it works!

Thank you again!