Jagged DF Heatmap result

Hello all,

the result of DF Heatmap result is jagged, though I have set the grid size to 0.1*0.1. Please check the pics below.

How to adjust the heatmap to smooth transition? Thanks in advance!

Use some better Radiance parameters. The HB Radiance Parameter component should give you good suggestions.

If it is just a visual thing you can blur the mesh, therefore you need to shade the vertices but not the faces.
I made a script for doing this(the forum does not allow me to post the file but can post the code if you like):

Thanks for your advice, Chris!

@Hotte It’s very kind of you! Could you please sharing the code you mentioned? :grinning:

Seems that I can upload now:
20211208_MeshColor.gh (8.0 KB)

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Not sure if this is intended by the way?

@Hotte Thanks for your help!