Join PV panels output for one single hourly output

I have many multiple PV panels spread across a site, I want to combine them to view one single AC energy per hour 3D chart.

Is there a way this can be done?

hi @hmurya ,

Something like this should work.

  1. organise data by hour
  2. mass addition for every hour
  3. reorganise data to a list of 8760 hours
  4. put header to the data

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your reply. I am looking to combine something shown in the screenshot into one graph. With your example, it adds the hourly data and gives me one single value for each PV panel.

I am looking for an hourly addition across all panels and have 8760 values for all panels added up so i dont end up with 100 graphs, but one graph representing the overall generation.

Hi @hmurya,

I forgot something. The amount of headers is the same as the amount of solar panels.
So you have to filter out the first header.

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