Keep getting errors Integrated daylighting and Energy analysis for multiple zones

Hi I am using the integrated daylighting and energy analysis for multiple zones for the first time.

I chose to use one honeybee thermal zone component with branched data for closed breps and getting some errors esp. with the energy component. Does this have to do with how the 3d models are or how I am using the HBzones component?

For some reason the daylighting analysis component is taking more than half an hour to analyze 9 rooms of total area probably about 3000 sq.m. ish. (with the sampling point at .5 m density - current the definition has 5 m grid so that when you open the definition it doesn’t take all your cpus) I am hoping that the solving the whole definition takes about a minute at most. What are some good ways to shave off time? Have a lot more floor spaces to analyze :slight_smile:

education_wing_honeybee_simulation.3dm (854 KB)
GBS_06M12_11_048082.epw (834 KB) (723 KB)

Just search the error message in the forum. The issue with non-convex zones has been discussed several times.

Thank you for the response. I followed the tip about non-convex surfaces and shapes. I set up multiple HBzones into runEnergySimulation component, and getting "1. The timestep of the inputData is not recognized. Data must have a Ladybug header with a recognizable timestep. “error from the Ladybug monthly BarChart component.”

I do have a curved space (a space that is arc shaped), and is turning an arc into polyline in order to approximate the space the best way to analyze a curved space?

education_wing_honeybee_simulation_2017_03_02.3dm (1 MB)

and the definition file. (763 KB)