KPF New York: Junior Environmental Designer

KPF ( Environmental Performance (KPFep) are looking for passionate building performance experts to help us grow our in house practice and build an office-wide network for low carbon design.

Our New York HQ team is seeking a Junior Environmental Designer with good GH and visualization skills, to bring their expertise to the design of complex architectural and urban projects.

KPFep is a design and research group working across KPF offices (NY and LN) with project teams and partner consultants to address global and local environmental challenges. To address KPF’s commitment to delivering healthy, resilient and sustainable projects at a global scale, KPFep leverages computational simulation tools to support evidence-based design in both the building and urban scale.

Day to day responsibilities will typically include:

  • Assist KPF design teams in the development of early design strategies and metrics for climatic, thermal, energy, material and water performance

  • Develop presentation graphics and data visualizations to communicate building science and environmental design concepts

  • Research and document environmental design solutions and precedent projects, and prepare best practice case studies for internal/external use

  • Prepare, run and interpret analysis and simulations for:

  • Current and future climate data

  • Solar radiation on building massing

  • Daylight availability and glare

  • Energy use for building massing or shoebox models

  • Outdoor/indoor thermal comfort

  • Preparing materials for sustainable design awards

  • Assist in the sustainable certification (LEED, WELL, Passive House, CGB) of projects

  • Assist in goal setting and benchmarking of projects under KPF’s AIA 2030 commitment

Required qualifications:

  • A degree in Architecture, Design or Engineering, plus a Master’s in Building Science or Sustainability

  • Knowledge of fundamental sustainability and building science principles, environmental modeling, and 3rd party certification processes

  • Passion for learning and applying principles of sustainable and high-performance design

  • Good written, verbal, and visual communication skills, for engaging KPF teams and external partners

  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks, collaborate in large teams, and work well under deadlines

  • Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

  • Proficiency with Rhino and Grasshopper

  • Proficiency with energy, thermal or daylight simulation tools within the Rhino/GH environment, such as DIVA or Ladybug/Honeybee

  • One year or more of professional experience in environmental design, or equivalent amount of academic course work that demonstrates a similar capability

  • Non required but desirable qualifications:

  • LEED, WELL or Passive House accreditation

  • Basic coding skills in C# or Python

  • Experience in specialized areas of environmental analysis such as stormwater management, CFD for wind analysis, LCA of building materials, or HVAC modeling and design

KPF is a collaborative work environment that promotes excellence in our practice and encourages the participation of all team members in the design process. We are committed to investing in our staff’s long-term success, and the person joining the EP team will have access to sponsored opportunities for professional development, tools and certification training (LEED, WELL, Passive House, etc.), publication of original research in the field of building performance, and attendance to academic conferences.

KPF is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes diversity in the workplace.

[Start Date: Beginning of March 2020]

When applying to the position please submit your resume, a portfolio with pertinent design, research and modeling work, and a short cover letter. All materials should be sent by email to with the heading: ‘ Junior Environmental Designer NY ’.