Label Honeybee Zone Surfaces by Orientation

Hi all! Is there a way to name HBZones by orientation? Or otherwise get a list of orientation names like the input geometry from ‘separate By Normal’ component.

I am trying to label HBZones by appending ‘N,S,E,W,NE,NW…’ to each surface name. ‘separateZonesByOrientation’ gives orientation values but would be helpful if it returns the names as assigned in ‘separate By Normal’ component.

Get Orientation (481.8 KB)

Orientation is directly bound to vectors, so by checking them you can acheive something like this
In this example I just assumed vector lengths -1 or 1 but you can update that: (480.2 KB)

Thanks! This is really helpful in determining the zone orientation. Meanwhile I managed to write a piece of the script to include orientation to the surface text label. Surface (471.5 KB)

The issue here: grasshopper is not identifying exact equality in NE,NW,SW,SE directions.

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