Ladybug 1.0.9 module not found in mac?

So I just installed the latest ladybug on my mac, and this pops up. I’d believe I cannot find the ‘ladybug’ component to make the ladybug run. Any solution? I’ve installed it with the .gh file twice (pythonn, then the ladybug)…

@kocat ,

Can you confirm that this is Rhino 6? If so, can you check whether there are any libraries installed at this location on the machine?

/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/scripts

Successfully running the should ensure that the libraries get copied to this place.

I should probably also ask, is there a white space in the username of this machine?

Hey @chris,
Yes, it’s Rhino 6, and there is nothing on the /scripts/ folder.
No white space too on the username…

Strangely enough, the scripts folder is outside of the \6.0\ folder…

@kocat ,

For better or for worse, Rhino has a number of folders named Scripts . That folder there is not the one that we are interested in. Are you saying that there is not scripts folder inside of the 6.0 folder?

If there is a scripts folder inside of the 6.0 folder but it’s empty, we know that the issue is the didn’t run correctly. In this case, can you run the second component of the and paste the log that is output from the component? That should tell us where things went wrong.


In that sense, there is no existing Scripts folder inside \6.0\ folder…
I tried to re-run the second component and this is the log:

  1. Installing Ladybug Tools core Python libraries.

  2. Installing lbt-dragonfly[cli]==0.5.10 via pip using

  3. Ladybug Tools core Python libraries successfully installed!

  4. Installing Queenbee core Python libraries.

  5. Installing queenbee-luigi[cli]==0.5.6 via pip using

  6. Queenbee core Python libraries successfully installed!

  7. Installing ladybug-rhino Python library.

  8. Installing ladybug-rhino[cli]==1.22.0 via pip using

  9. Ladybug-rhino Python library successfully installed!

  10. Installing Ladybug Tools Grasshopper components.

  11. Installing lbt-grasshopper==1.0.9 via pip using

  12. Ladybug Tools Grasshopper components successfully installed!

  13. .gha files already exist in your Components folder and cannot be deleted while Grasshopper is open.
    Close Grasshopper, delete the .gha files at
    /Users/Tacok/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/Plug-ins/Grasshopper (b45a29b1-4343-4035-989e-044e8580d9cf)/Libraries/ladybug_grasshopper_dotnet
    and rerun this installer component.
    Or simply keep using the old .gha component if you do not need the latest .gha component features.

  14. Installing Honeybee recipes.

  15. Installing honeybee-radiance-recipe==0.3.1 via pip using

  16. Honeybee recipes successfully installed!

  17. Installing Honeybee-OpenStudio gem version 2.6.5.

  18. Downloading “honeybee-openstudio-gem” github repository to: /Users/Tacok/ladybug_tools/resources/measures

  19. Copying “honeybee_openstudio_gem” source code to /Users/Tacok/ladybug_tools/resources/measures/honeybee_openstudio_gem/lib

  20. Installing Honeybee energy standards.

  21. Installing honeybee-energy-standards==2.0.3 via pip using

  22. Honeybee energy standards successfully installed!

  23. Restart Grasshopper and Rhino to load the new components + library.


That is very odd that you don’t have a scripts folder. What service release of Rhino 6 are you using?

I know that we can probably manually fix the problem by just creating the scripts folder and re-running the second component. But, for the sake of everyone else installing on Mac, I would like to figure out why you don’t have the scripts folder in the first place. Before you do the manual fix, can you open this file and paste the result here: (3.2 KB)


Unfortunately I already did the manual fix and it magically works, I think I’ve mistakenly moved out the script folder a long time ago when I was doing another stuffs, so maybe that was on my own…
So, does this image indicate that the LB is working properly? Should it not have the ‘Ladybug’ component (to ‘run’ the ladybug first like on the previous version)?

Hi @kocat ,

I guess that’s what I get for posting the solution before the test :sweat_smile: . Ah, well. Let’s hope it’s just a mistake that you accidentally made on your machine and not something that several people will experience.

Yes, the libraries are importing correctly now.

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:sweat_smile: Well let’s just hope it will be stable for everyone else. Thank you so much for your help!

I have the same problem (with Rhino 6 on Mac with no white space on the username)
There is no \Scripts\ folder in the \6.0\ folder.
I can’t use the components of the latest version of Ladybug.
And here it’s what I get when I open the file.

Hey @pr ,

This looks like something is wrong with your GHPython setup. So it’s not even an issue with Ladybug Tools and it might be more appropriate to ask the question on the McNeel forum. But let’s see if we can help you here. What is the error message you are getting in the red balloon when you have a GHPython component on the canvas?

Hey @chris ,
Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
This is what I get in the red balloon when I open the file :

But when I have a GHPython component on the canvas it seems working :

@pr ,

I’m definitely going to point you to the McNeel forum for this one. Particularly, you should see if you could get Guilio or Alain to say why you are missing the folder at /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Rhinoceros/6.0/scripts/

This is what your search paths should normally look like:

Feel free to also include me on the post.