Ladybug 1.0 radiation analysis color not showing?

Hello, so I’ve tried to do an incident radiation analysis in Ladybug 1.0.9 mac, and have followed this step from @chris 's post Ladybug 1.0 Radiation result per hour , but the result shows almost all blue color, while the Kwh/m2 legend shows some numbers on the right side. What could possibly go wrong here (there are small amount of red colors on the edges of the building which is also weird)? my rhino unit is set with meter unit. Thank you! (55.6 KB)

Hi @kocat . Your rhino model is not internalised. Have you checked the normal directionality of the surfaces that is in case?

Hey @Asisnath, what does that mean, I don’t really get it sorry since I’m quite still learning…

The model you want to simulate for radiation is missing in the gh file you have attached above. Secondly, The normal of the model surfaces under consideration should be facing outside or upwards for the radiation analysis. You can enter “Dir” command in Rhino to check surface normal direction of the 3d model. You can see this.

But my rhino file only consists of a curve (no surface, only as the 'outline for the 1st floorplan) which then I set it as one curve in GH, then connected to ‘surface’ component. So, I believe all there is no baked surface on the rhino, all of the form was generated by GH…

@kocat ,

Your screenshot shows you plugging meshes into the “Incident Radiation” component. It’s probably better to plug the Breps in and not use the “Mesh Join” component. You can bake those Breps into the Rhino scene and use the Dir command to check whether they are facing the right direction. If not, you can use the native Grasshopper “Flip” component to flip the direction of the Breps.

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Hey @chris,
I solved it by turning the mesh into brep through GH (mesh -> face boundary -> boundary surfaces -> join brep -> brep), thanks for the help