Ladybug and honeybee latest versions

Hi guys,
I am new to your plugins and I am a bit confused with versions you have.

  1. What the difference between legacy and plus ?
  2. Which one you recommend to use? Which one more stable?
  3. What the latest version and where to get them? From GitHub or from FoodForRhino?
  4. Which version works with Rhino 5 and 6 for Mac?



Anyone? @chris @mostapha
I found information regarding installation, but it looks like it is for legacy version.
Tried to install Plus and Legacy on Mac. Legacy works , plus has only a couple of components.

Also found some comments suggesting plus is an alpha stage.

What plans for Mac ?

Thank you

Hi Artpen,

For what I understood, legacy version is so far the one you should use to perform environmentl analysis. The plus version is still under developpment. I’m looking forward to test this Plus version :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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Thank you @Frank_Gergaud

I found a lot of info in release comments.
I assume next release will every 6 month?
But what is the status of Plus and are there any developments for Mac version?
Maybe @chris or @mostapha can give some information.

Cheers guys

FYI, we are aiming to do another release of the [+] plugins this spring. The original goal was to have the [+] plugins good enough to replace the legacy version in the spring release but it honestly might take one more release after that before it’s the “go to” version that we recommend everyone (including beginners) use. The [+] plugins will have full support on Mac and those nerds among us who like running things from command line will even be able to run our software libraries on Linux. This is not the case for the legacy version, which only runs on Windows.


It is amazing news @chris! Thank you