Ladybug and Honeybee on Mac using Rhino WIP

Has anyone tried to setup Ladybug and Honeybee on a mac using the Rhino WIP (see link below).

Grasshopper works, but dropping the .gha and the .ghuser files onto the canvas doesn’t appear to do anything. I’m following these instructions.…

If anyone has information or experience trying to setup on Mac, I’d appreciate any suggestions.

I’d be surprised if you can get Honeybee to work on Mac without running into major glitches. I have some idea about the daylighting aspect of Honeybee source-code. Right now, it is somewhat (if not overly) aligned with the Windows way of doing things. Among the many things that Mac does differently:

  1. Handling of batch files.

  2. Default handling of file paths python.

  3. Multi-core processing of Radiance/daylighting commands (Mac opens up a lot more possibilities).

It might be an interesting exercise to see how far some one get Honeybee to work and then probably fix/change/upgrade the code from there on.