Ladybug and Honeybee Tutorials in Arabic

Hi everyone,
It is great pleasure and honor to be a member in this community.
I have started making some tutorials in Arabic about Ladybug and Honeybee a year ago, and I intend to continue these tutorials to help Arabic users benefit from these great tools. I hope that it will be useful and easy to understand.
Thanks so much Mostapha, Chris and all the developers for this great effort!

Part One:
Radiance Daylight Simulation (Arabic)

Part Tow:
Honeybee daylight simulation (Arabic)


Great initiative! Thank you for preparing these. Sure this would make the Ladybug tools more accessible.

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Thanks so much Devang, it is great to hear from you.

It’s great, @Mahmoud !
I was thinking to do tutorials in Arabic and I’m glad you’ve started this series. I’ll share it out. Thanks,

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