LadyBug annual average lux levels

I am trying to get average Lux levels on a window per year. from the tutorials that I could find, it was either calculating daylight autonomy percentage per year, or calculating Lux levels in a Point-in-time analysis. I also tried using an hourly plot but that is again per sensor point.

How is it possible to get the average lux levels for all sensor points (average) per year?
I appreciate any help!

rhino and GH file attached.
Test lux (108.9 KB)
Test lux levels.3dm (57.0 KB)

Hi @Kiana.mousavi,

You can use HB Annual Average Values. You can also change the _hoys_ input if you want to get the average for a smaller period.

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What component should be used to feed data to HB Annual Average Values if the goal is to measure lux rather than percent daylight autonomy? The HB Annual Daylight component yields a percentage (of the year) rather than a lux value.

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: HB Annual Daylight will give raw lux data for every grid point from the component’s “results” output; that can be passed through a “Data” component to the HB Annual Averages Values component’s _results input and the annual average lux per point will be output from HB Annual Average Values’ “values” output, which one can then graph with a heatmap or otherwise handle.