Ladybug BarChart Comfort Band issue?

when I feed Celsius temperatures into the BarChart component and turn on the PMV or Adaptive comfort band, all is well and displays as it should.

However, when i feed Fahrenheit temperatures in and turn on the PMV or Adaptive, PMV displays fine…

but Adaptive does not…

is it a conversion issue within the component code or possibly something i’m doing? @chris , any insight?

@josh.greenfield ,
Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the late response. This is probably a bug. Let me check now.

It was indeed a bug! I just pushed a fix:

thanks so much Chris…works great now!

@chris i think this is a bug in 1.6 as well? adaptive component only takes C data and when tryin to convert to F nothing happens

Hi @CarlosKellyGro ,

It’s not a bug. You have to use the official Temperature data type in the Data Collection if you want to be able to perform unit conversions with it. In that sample that you are working from, I made up a new data type called “Adaptive Comfort” so that it would look nice in the Monthly Chart legend. But, because it’s not an official Temperature data type, trying to pass the data collection through the LB To IP component is not going to change it at all.

Here is the workflow you need if you want to perform unit conversions: (46.5 KB)

Here is the workflow that I recommend if you want a chart in IP but you still want the legend of the Monthly Chart to look nice: (54.2 KB)