Ladybug_Bioclimatic Chart -runtime error

The error in runtime, type error exception:
“float” object is not iterable;
trace back: line 1336, in main, ""
line 1717, in script.
I need help. Thanks.

HI @TianYixin, Could you please attach a minimal version of your GH file? It’s really hard to judge the problem with this minimum description.

ladybug-xian-beidongcelve.3dmbak (38.3 KB)

A grasshopper file please?

I have solve this problem when I use rhino5. thanks

Can you send the file so we can see where is this happening and solve the issue for Rhino6?

It works for me. In Rhino 6.3 beta and 6.2 Ladybug_Bioclimatic Chart works fine.

@TianYixin, I just updated Abraham’s example you can find here. (463.6 KB)


Thanks @OmidmRashidi!!
Just curious now what make @TianYixin’s file to fail. Maybe there is something to fix anyway.

My comuputer has rhino 5 and rhino 6 at the same time.
This software is great, I love it , although I have encountered a lot of difficulties.
support you. I hope it is becoming more and more friedly.

ladybug-bioclimatic (366.0 KB)

@TianYixin, Your components’ version is too old. you need too update your LB and also HB or it is better to download and re-install LB, HB again from Food4rhino.

BioclimaticChart to (845.4 KB)


Thanks again @OmidmRashidi.
Just to be on the safe side, @TianYixin, which weather file are you trying to use?

I have re-install LB+HB. The error has been solved. Thank you.

I use the China epw. weather which is download from energyplus.
Any problems?

Any specific location?
Hard to get info from you … :slight_smile: