Ladybug 'Bounce from Surface' and 'Forward Raytracing': Problem with an extra bounce on interior floor


I’m running into a weird issue when trying both ‘Bounce from Surface’ and ‘Forward Raytracing’. Even though I set the number of bounces to 1, I still end up getting an extra bounce from the floor up to the ceiling.

This is problematic because I just want to show how a sun ray enters the window and stops at the floor, this is for shading analysis.

The floor is generated from a honeybee zone and so is the context. Is there something I’m doing wrong?


Here you can see ray ‘A’ go through the window, bounce off the floor and stop at the ceiling. However ray ‘B’ hits the roof and just stops. Ideally, all the ray’s would behave like ‘B’ and not have an extra bounce. As it turns out, ray’s that hit the other context geometry such as exterior walls also behave like ‘B’ and just stop.

Quick update. I just checked the gh file on Hydra and also a youtube video from paramarch explaining it. These examples don’t show the extra bouncing problem, but for some reason when I download and run them on the latest grasshopper/honeybee it happens.

This is an issue because I’d like to see sun rays being blocked by external louvers and the ones that enter the opening die at the floor. Instead, sun rays get reflected into the space and then bounce into the nearest wall or ceiling. Is there a workaround for this?


What is happening when I load and run it:

Update. I found a way to hack it for now, at least for what I’m trying to do with it. In order to remove the extra bounces I added this to the code to each of the components:

del ptList[-1]

It’s not properly fixed and kinda breaks the component is some ways. For example it kinda breaks the last bounce length feature and probably doesn’t work properly on some of the faces that didn’t have a face to get a second bounce off of.

I’m not sure if the component was changed on purpose, but having a single bounce functionality helps me out quite a bit.