Ladybug CaptureView - World Axis Icon

I’m using the Ladybug CaptureView for capturing numerous images of Named Views. Per the component description, i’ve gone into Rhino -> View -> Grid -> Turn off World Axis, however every time a new Named View is loaded, this setting is reset and the World Axis icon turns back on…thus for multi-image capturing, the icon is on every image. any insight on how to remove icon on all captured images?

Maybe this can help …

are you recommending adding in a Rhino command script into the grasshopper script after each named view is changed?

No. I’ve been checking this. If i set in a specific viewport the axis as off, it will be like this if i change the view or set a new one. So i’ll say that if you keep working in the same viewport you’ll be fine. Or set the axis off for all viewports and then you are covered.

unfortunately this did not work…every time a different named view would be selected, the world axis would re-appear automatically, even with “axis off for all viewports”.

i believe the views were saved BEFORE setting off the world axis. I would try to set this off for each view and then save it again (one by one).

oh, very interesting…i’ll try saving again!