Ladybug fly autorun only starts after the first instance is finished


I intentionally limit it to 10 max for the list values.
For a good practice, we think it might be good to input the value one by one with each label. not plug in a list of value with one label.

Meanwhile, Colibri is designed for Design Explorer. 10 parameters are already reaching Design Explorer’s limit.

Please let me know if you think otherwise.



Hi @MingboPeng,

It makes sense what you are saying, but also this tool is very useful to save an enormous amount of data directly into an csv file that you can use for analysis that can be done with other software (excel for example)
What am I thinking for example is to record the value for each and every sensors of a light simulation, so you can later compare it with real measure data.
this is just a very simple example, but there are more example where to save more data is useful.
If you are thinking of design explorer application, of course does not make any sense to have a list of data, but for other type of analysis could be very useful.

Let me know!



Agreed, I also often need to export data to Excel. I usually copy all formatted data from panel manually to excel (for small amount of data). but the reason I do so is I want to generate charts or make a summary report. that’s it. I don’t do any real post processing in excel.

There is another tool in GH to save the data to Excel.
For genetic use, you can use this instead image



Hi @MingboPeng,

Thanks to your comments I could set up an analysis where I use the excel component in a parametric way, like the colibri component.
As I did it, for each iteration I can save the data in a separate file, that is ok, but it would be perfect if I can save all the data in just a file with each iteration saved in a different worksheet with the name of the iteration.
I saw that there is an option where you can set to save the file in a separate worksheet but I cannot figure it out how to make it work with my file.

I enclose the file so you can have a look at it.
If you have any suggestion I would appreciate it very much.

Best regards,

Federico (523.5 KB)


Hi @MingboPeng,

I have been using the excel components of the TT Toolbox and they work beautifully.
For parametric analysis they are very usefull.
I have though an error in one computer as you can see in the pic attached.
I have been using the same file in different computers and only in one of these this error happens.
Let me know if you know how to fix it.



Excel read write Battery

By chance i deal with this error recently. It has to do with the installation of TT Toolbox. Just check that in the Libraries folder you have the TT folder and that inside this one ALL the items are unblocked. There are 9 items there.


Hi @AbrahamYezioro,

this was exactly what was causing the problem.
Thanks for the tip!