Ladybug_fly component gone?

Hello everyone.

As far as I know, the ladybug_fly component (allowing you to cycle through sliders) used to be under Ladybug > 5/Extras. But I can’t find it anymore after the latest update.

Has it been removed, renamed, replaced?

Edit: Alternatively, do you know of another way to trigger a slider once a simulation run is complete? (Apart from animated sliders or time steps as they seem ineffective for hundreds of iterative simulation runs)

I believe it is still not there. Maybe just use the legacy one for now :slight_smile:

It didn’t occur to me that the latest update was completing the legacy bundle instead of replacing it. I had the legacy set uninstalled and that’s why I couldn’t find it. Just set it up again - thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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You can use Colibri in TTToolbx instead of Fly.

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